The winner of the Moe Game Awards 2023 is “Sakura no Toki -Sakura no Mori no Shita wo Ayumu-”! Plus, an introduction to other bishoujo games wildly popular with many other players!

On May 17th, 2024, the winner of the Moe Game Awards 2023 was announced, alongside the winners of each award category. The Moe Game Awards are held once a year, selecting via industry panelists the greatest PC titles (R18, E15, E12, all-ages regardless) to which various awards are presented based on factors such as player votes and total sales.

Last year, we received a record number of votes totaling over 200,000. In addition to the award-winning titles, we received many votes for other PC titles as well, demonstrating an increase in the number of players who enjoy and embrace the diversity of bishoujo games.

Below are introductions to each award.

Grand Prize

  • Sakura no Toki -Sakura no Mori no Shita wo Ayumu-

The winner of the Moe Game Awards 2023 is “Sakura no Toki -Sakura no Mori no Shita wo Ayumu-”. Released seven years after the previous title in the series, this game has garnered massive attention. With its beautifully and thoroughly crafted world and characters, this title’s unwavering uniqueness is nothing short of magnificent. Speaking volumes to the high regard with which many players hold this work, its other accolades include the Players’ Choice Award, Scenario Award, Graphics Award, and Best Heroine Award. Given the incredible quality of every single component, it would be no exaggeration to call this one of the ultimate expressions of bishoujo gaming. Furthermore, many votes for Best Heroine Award were concentrated on this title, with Ai Natsume winning by a narrow margin.

Players’ Choice Award

  • Sakura no Toki -Sakura no Mori no Shita wo Ayumu-
  • Amakano 2+
  • Geminism

By popular vote, the winners of the Players’ Choice Award are “Sakura no Toki -Sakura no Mori no Shita wo Ayumu-”,“Amakano 2+”, and “Geminism”.

While “Amakano 2+” is an afterstory to “Amakano 2”, its lengthy playtime and addition of new heroines make this emotional love story a formidable work on its own. The plot depicts a fulfilling romance, as all bishoujo games aim to do, but also digs much deeper, combining elements that both tickle and tug at the heart. Another major selling point is the game’s passionate H-scenes, which show off quite a bit. Additionally, this title is also a recipient of the Pure Love Award and Graphics Award.

Representing the revival of a legendary brand in the world of bishoujo games, “Geminism” is a title in which a bizarre drama of unusual characters in an unprecedented world unfurls. While the reader is dropped into an incomprehensible and mysterious setting at first, that veil of mystery is masterfully lifted as the story goes on. Throughout the game, the juxtaposition of both the erotic and the grotesque produces a complex charm that can only be experienced through this work. As a recipient of the Sound Award, the game has been celebrated for its sound design too.

Scenario Award

  • Sakura no Toki -Sakura no Mori no Shita wo Ayumu-
  • Koibana Ren’ai
  • Geminism

Koibana Ren’ai”, the title nominated for the Scenario Award is—as per its title—a game centered around romantic pursuit. Despite the struggles of reality and the frustrations of daily life, the casts’ shared desire to find love brings them together. Though it may seem like a simple comedy at first, the game is likewise filled with many scenes that will touch the player’s heart. Aside from its adorable character designs and impressive voice acting, another of the game’s highlights is its detailed look into the love lives of the side characters. “Koibana Ren’ai” is a formidable title that focuses not only the protagonist and the heroine, but the rest of the cast as well.

Pure Love Award

  • Amakano 2+
  • Koi ni wa Amae ga Hitsuyou Desu
  • Otome no Ken to Himegoto Concerto

Koi ni wa Amae ga Hitsuyou Desu” is an impressive title that offers two routes per heroine; one in which the heroine is pampered, and one in which the heroine pampers you. As a result, the game has been lauded for its ability to generate player affection for its characters by portraying the appeal of its heroines from multiple angles. Its lengthy individual routes also allow the game to include all the classic scenes that fans of the genre love to see, and they do not disappoint. Another highlight is the inclusion of scenes from the heroines’ viewpoint, which charmingly depict the saccharine feelings of a girl in love.

Otome no Ken to Himegoto Concerto” is the latest crossdressing title in the Otome Series, which tells the unique story of the protagonist’s transfer to the Knight Training Department of an all-girls’ academy. Some scenes depict the emotional exchange between girls, while others portray the developing romance between man and woman, making this a double treat for many fans. Given the combination of a crossdressing male protagonist and female heroine, the H-scenes are also quite varied. Sometimes they roleplay as girl-on-girl, while other times the protagonist takes on the bottom role, having his sensitive spots teased.

Pink Eros Award

  • Real Eroge Situation! DT
  • Meat Eat Girl
  • Yuunagi-sou no S-Kyuu no Kanojo-tachi 2

Real Eroge Situation! DT” is an unconventional but refreshing take on the genre that turns romance on its head by starting with sex. This strange story begins when the self-aware, romance-eschewing protagonist is propositioned for his virginity, leading to a smorgasbord of powerful H-scenes. While certainly enjoyable for that reason alone, its comedic scenes are worthy of note as well, with plenty of dialogue that will have you grinning as you play. Its heroines are all exceedingly distinct as well; each route containing not only sex, but drama too.

Meat Eat Girl” is a fabulously fappable game about a protagonist and four heroines whose manga club activities consist mainly of sweet, steamy sex. Rife with animated H-scenes, the jiggling and shaking of the heroines’ voluminous assets and meaty bodies is truly a sight to behold. The H-content is thoroughly varied as well, with its nude, clothed, and cosplay scenes. Equally tantalizing are the heroines’ bashful dialogue and indecent dirty talk. We recommend you play this game with the sound on, and the door closed.

Yuunagi-sou no S-Kyuu no Kanojo-tachi 2” follows the daily (sex) lives of the protagonist and heroines in a peculiar apartment that only allows S-ranked people to enter. At first glance, these S-ranked heroines seem to have a few too many quirks—annoying, anxious, perverted, easily aroused. But these quirks are what make the slice-of-life scenes so enjoyable, and the various H-scenarios so strangely unique and exciting. Other major attractions include its character designs which ooze with personality, and the enthusiastic performances of the voice actresses—not to mention the heroines’ curvy bodies and massive breasts. Though the official site describes one of the girl’s chest as “on the small side”, but that’s only compared to the size of the others.

Black Eros Award

  • Ingoku no Houkago
  • Boku ga Inai Ma ni Kaerareta Tsuma no Hiniku ~Love Love Shinkonzuma wa Hoka no Otoko ni Dakare Midara ni Aegu Yume wo Miru ka~
  • Toriko no Chikai ~Nakama no Tame ni Karada wo Kakeru Otome no Jingi~

From the well-established dark-ero developers at BISHOP comes “Ingoku no Houkago”, a hardcore title focused on sexual training. Witness a cast of lovely young ladies fall into the depths of depravity after being trained by the protagonist whose semen forcibly induces arousal in women. The majority of the games’ events involve sexual training or H-scenes, but there are a wide range of options for viewing H-scenes only, too. Additionally, the obscene language used during training sessions is both fully voiced and uncensored, providing gripping visual and auditory stimulation. The game is loaded with plenty of fetish scenes, and the clothed and cosplay H-scenes are impressively lewd as well.

As the title suggests, “Boku ga Inai Ma ni Kaerareta Tsuma no Hiniku ~Love Love Shinkonzuma wa Hoka no Otoko ni Dakare Midara ni Aegu Yume wo Miru ka~” is an erotic work with NTR elements. The heroine is stolen away by two male characters; one through romantic feelings, and the other through physical pleasure. The presentation of this married woman’s emotions as she wavers between these two men is superb, as is the vivid feeling of immorality as she falls to temptation. H-scenes also change depending on which man the heroine has sex with, showcasing a variety of different scenarios.

While “Toriko no Chikai ~Nakama no Tame ni Karada wo Kakeru Otome no Jingi~” is a game with an emphasis on sexual training, the quality of its graphics and heroines’ cuteness has made it popular with many players even outside fans of the genre. Players of an extreme disposition will not be disappointed with the sexual content, as the game includes a wide range of H-scenarios, such as group scenes and more. The unusually high number of votes cast for this game in the Black Eros Award and other categories also speaks to the excellence of this title, as it very nearly tied with the winners for Graphics and Best Heroine awards. With how many fans love this game, we daresay it transcends the sexual training genre.

Graphics Award

  • HoneyCome
  • Sakura no Toki -Sakura no Mori no Shita wo Ayumu-
  • Amakano 2+

HoneyCome” is a title by ILLGAMES in which 3D models perform a plethora of erotic positions. It includes a flexible character creation system that offers the player an unparalleled level of customization. Its easy-to-use character creator enables anyone to effortlessly sculpt the perfect heroine within the game. Note that the game is equally designed to allow the player to enjoy various H-scenarios with their ideal partner. If you don’t mind skipping the romance and jumping straight to intense, passionate lovemaking—this game has you covered. The quality is must-see.

Sound Award

  • D.C.5 ~Da Capo 5~
  • Yuzuriha no Uta -Inouryoku Soshiki Hanzai Taisaku Bu: Tokushu Kidoutai Dai Ni Ka-
  • Geminism

Another entry in the extremely popular series, “D.C.5 ~Da Capo 5~” is a game that has become a sensation for the way its story manages to preserve the identity of the series while also evoking a sense of novelty at the same time. At the Moe Game Awards 2023, it garnered acclaim for its writing and stellar sound design. Its opening and ending themes masterfully epitomize the charm of bishoujo games while complementing the story exquisitely—and when listened to after finishing the game, hits entirely different. Although this title is intended for all ages, the number of votes it received for other award categories demonstrates its universal popularity.

Yuzuriha no Uta -Inouryoku Soshiki Hanzai Taisaku Bu: Tokushu Kidoutai Dai Ni Ka-” is a dramatic story set in a world where society lives in fear of those with supernatural powers, featuring intense battles, serious developments, and heart-warming romance all woven into a singular masterpiece. Many have praised the game’s music that accompanies its story and diverse scenes, making it one of the winners of this year’s Sound Award. Another of the game’s highlights is its charming character designs. Many votes for the Best Heroine Award had gone towards its cast.

Low Price Award

  • Garudoma -Joshiryou no Kanrinin-
  • Kagura Reimeiki ~Mikoto no Shou~

Garudoma -Joshiryou no Kanrinin-” is a beautifully drawn title that follows the steamy events that take place in a girls’ dormitory. Given its affordable price, many players were pleasantly surprised by the variety of scenarios contained within the game. While it is a harem game that focuses on H-scenes, the heroines are so personable that you remain attached to them even after the credits roll. The game has been praised by many for the quality of not only its event scenes, but also its character sprites. “Garudoma -Joshiryou no Kanrinin- After”, the afterstory released in 2024, has also enjoyed a great deal of popularity.

Many have praised Kagura Reimeiki ~Mikoto no Shou~ for its ability to balance fun gameplay with the H-scenes that unfold when the heroine is defeated. While most games encourage the player to avoid losing, in this game, you can see the heroine engage in all sorts of lewd acts when she is defeated. A popular entry in the series, the game also stands on its own as the culmination of the titles that came before it.

The sequel to “FLIP*FLOP ~INNOCENCE OVERCLOCK~” released in 2022, “FLIP*FLOP ~RAMBLING OVERRUN~” puts the “moe” in “moe game”. Its heroines’ cuteness is off the charts, with many players becoming huge fans of Ran Tsukigaoka in particular. The voice actresses’ performances have received high praise as well, as the charming gap between the slice-of-life comedic scenes and lovey-dovey romance scenes lauded as one of the game’s biggest attractions. Although the game is intended for players who have played the previous title, buying them as a set isn’t too hard on the wallet thanks to its low price point.

New Brand Award

  • dROSEra ~Lady Bad End no Hatsukoi~

The New Brand Award, aimed at titles produced by up-and-coming brands launched in 2023, goes to “dROSEra ~Lady Bad End no Hatsukoi~” by Tily. A romance involving a peculiar heroine who only gets aroused by fantasies involving bad endings may seem like a straightforward comedy, but at times it also incorporates unexpected drama and tear-jerking developments. By focusing on a singular heroine, the game is able to portray this girl’s adorable idiosyncrasies to the fullest. Having received many votes for the Scenario Award as well, this title has also been endorsed by hardcore fans of bishoujo games.

Fanza Games Award

DL Category

  • HoneyCome

Browser (β) Category

  • Motto! Haramase! Honoo no Oppai Isekai Oppai Maid Gakuen!

Android App Category

  • Maou ga Gendai Sekai ni Tensei Shitara Oppai wo Medenakute wa Naranaku Natta Ken

The winners of the Fanza Game Award are the exceptionally popular selling “HoneyCome”, the well-received browser version of “Motto! Haramase! Honoo no Oppai Isekai Oppai Maid Gakuen!”, and the app version of “Maou ga Gendai Sekai ni Tensei Shitara Oppai wo Medenakute wa Naranaku Natta Ken”.

Motto! Haramase! Honoo no Oppai Isekai Oppai Maid Gakuen!” is an extremely popular entry to the series, and full to the brim with animated H-scenes. Now that it is easily playable on smartphones and other tablets, the browser version of the game has captured more fans than ever.

Maou ga Gendai Sekai ni Tensei Shitara Oppai wo Medenakute wa Naranaku Natta Ken” is a popular title that appeals to fans of big tits with its curvaceous cast of characters. To no surprise given the title, the game contains a great variety of H-scenes involving breasts, making it an essential pickup for fans of the genre.

Eroge Vendor’s Award

  • Sakura no Toki -Sakura no Mori no Shita wo Ayumu-

Selected by bishoujo game retailers, the winner of the Eroge Vendor’s Award is “Sakura no Toki -Sakura no Mori no Shita wo Ayumu-”. In addition to the tremendous support of the players, many retailers have expressed their admiration of the game’s production quality as well. Strong sales of this title have also been reported by a fair number of shops. Limited to physical copies, the luxurious quality of the first edition package is also a remarkable sight, with buyers voicing their astonishment at the brand’s dedication to detail.

The twenty-one titles above are the winners of the Moe Game Awards 2023, representing the best games of the year. The developers of these titles continue to be active in 2024, and we cannot wait to see what they have in store for us in 2024. We look forward to next year’s Moe Game Awards!